Mr. & Mrs. Dog

By Donald McCaig

Donald McCaig writes with much experience about sheep dogs. He has worked these intelligent and hardworking dogs for almost three decades. Working his renowned dog trainers, he has learned much about dogs and training. Here he explains all that goes into the herding trials, imparting hard earned wisdom.

In this current book, Donald takes us with him and his beloved dogs, Luke and June, to the World Sheepdog Trials in Wales. In great detail, he shares his respect and love for his dogs and what they do. The bonds are clear and mutual.

We are also taken on Donald McCaig’s journey through his many years of training and learning. We are able to meet the many dogs who shared his life and taught him along the way as he trained them.

The book is a fascinating look at “the Olympics of sheepdog trials” and the special ones involved in it. It also is a very intimate portrait of the mutual love and respect between dogs and people.

As a person who has a special love of sheepdogs, I especially enjoyed this book. In fact, I have read and recommend all of Donald McCaig’s books. I only wish I could see his dogs run the trials. 

9 thoughts on “Mr. & Mrs. Dog

  1. Dogs are so awesome. They work so hard to make us happy and they enjoy every minute. I'm guessing that this books would show just that.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺


  2. The BBC used to show the sheep dog trials on the telly!! Fantastic stuff and I always am in awe at how the dogs and sheep and shepherd have this very very profound relationship!! Take care


  3. I love ALL animals, but dogs do have a special quality of their own. Herding dogs hold a very special place in my heart. I have owned several…or been owned by them, actually. Two herded the cats!


  4. I'll definitely have to read this one! As you know, I LOVE dogs, too. Please stop by my blog soon, because I'm having a book give-away…and it's about DOGS! 🙂
    P.S. I think our previous beloved pet, Tiger, had a bit of sheep herding in her, too!


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