Looking for Me

By Beth Hoffman

This is the long awaited and much anticipated novel from talented author Beth Hoffman. Filled with life, love, and nature, it is more than worth the wait.

Teddi Overman grows up in rural Kentucky. Early in life she develops a gift for restoring old furniture. When an elderly antique dealer notices her work for sale at the roadside, he gives her his business card. As soon as she graduates, she follows her dream to find this man. He offers her work in the big city of Charleston, becoming her mentor and friend. She eventually opens her own business, surrounded by wonderful people who befriend and support her.

However, Teddi is tormented by the mysterious disappearance of her brother, Josh. Many years ago he followed his own dream, leaving life on the farm to be one with the natural world. His extraordinary gift was a spiritual connection with both wildlife and nature. He felt at home only in the wilds of their native Kentucky. Yet no one knows if he survived. 

Times changed; first their father passes away, and later their mother suddenly passes away. The family farm must be dealt with. Josh’s long disappearance has brought up new questions. Teddi must go back home to Kentucky to make peace with her past and resolve the family estate.

Some people know who they are from an early age, and follow that path without question. Both Teddi and Josh knew who they were, though their paths were in different directions. Love and respect held them together even when apart. They understood each other and their place in life.

Beth Hoffman understands, as well. Her writing of human bonds is moving, real, and genuine. She writes of the human/animal bond with great emotion, intuition, and a deep, even profound understanding. She is a very special, gifted author and person.

I read this book straight through, needing to know the whole story. Then I read the book again. This is one of my very favourite novels. I know I will read it again, in the future. It is beautifully written and deeply felt. Do not miss this book, or Beth Hoffman. 

17 thoughts on “Looking for Me

  1. This sounds like a wonderful book, McGuffy Ann! It is now on my must read list! It sounds like a story I would also end up reading straight through! I am eager to discover Beth's writing talents for myself, thanks for the great review!


  2. This sounds really good! Thanks for the recommendation, I'll put it on my 'to read' list 🙂 As if I don't already have enough books on there! Haha, I love to read.


  3. Oh my goodness … thank you for your lovely review. I'm thrilled that you enjoyed the story so much that you've read it twice! I'm grateful for your kindness and honored by your support. You are a soul sister!


  4. You have talked about Beth Hoffman many times and I remember that you loved her first book as well. I look forward to reading both of her books … your review gives a strong sense of deep feelings and sincerity. Beautiful review, McGuffy …


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