She woke each day inside the cocoon of luxury that was her comfortable life.  
The view through her windows was always acceptable and satisfying. Keeping her rose-coloured glass clean, she chose to see what she wanted. She would not be bothered with unpleasant, “disturbing” things outside.
As long as she wore her blinders, she could lead a charmed life.

Story by: McGuffy Ann Morris
Image by”: Photobucket

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Word Prompt: Charmed

38 thoughts on “"Charmed"

  1. I read this this morning and loved it, but had to run … so I am back to tell you how well put this is and you did find the perfect picture to go with it. Maybe that's why I am sometimes an angry old poop … maybe I am seeing what my rose colored glasses wouldn't normally allow … I think I will go back to wearing them. I did tell you my story about the rose tinted glasses and the wall paper, right:) Have a great few special days, Annie.

    Andrea @ From the Sol


  2. I've known a couple people like this, they lived in their own little worlds and did their best to ignore the suffering around them. That way no compassion was needed. It made their lives easy, but then they could have been reaching out and helping to ease other folks a little bit too. Rose colored glasses are lovely, but only for a little while! 🙂 This was a well-written story, it made me stop and think.


  3. I've known someone with that similar outlook, narrow focus, always happy demeanour. In one way, it was refreshing, but in another of course, totally unrealistic.

    I enjoyed this piece, very nicely done.


  4. I appreciate how the writing of this piece was very succinct, yet perfectly expressed. You didn't need one more syllable. I know people just like this. I give thanks daily for the blessed life I have, but I never forget those who aren't so blessed. Good work, McGuffy.


  5. So true. I fear far too many of us live that way, averting our eyes from what is clearly falling apart. Mind you, it would be pretty bleak to face it head on and still continue functioning day to day. I love this poem.


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