Wind Damage

It was a bright clear day, just three years ago. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky. I had come home from running errands. I went in the house and put my things away.

Within five minutes, it was black outside and the wind had kicked up. The trees were shaking and bending, while the windows rattled. Maggie ran to her favourite spot by the bay window; she loves to watch storms. Suddenly the rain was pouring from what seemed to be several directions. I was stunned! There was no report of bad weather on the radio.

As the winds howled, I went to look out of the bay window to see what was happening. Just as I looked out, our pine tree literally broke in half with a very loud cracking sound. The entire top half of the tree was now lying on its side. A soaking wet squirrel was running from the tree. He seemed to have a broken tail.

It wasn’t over yet. Lightning was flashing. Thunder roared. The wind was deafening. I heard strange cracking and creaking noises. The wind whipped trees as it continued breaking or uprooting them!

I went to look out the back door and watched as our neighbour’s tree fell onto our fence, taking out the entire western side of our yard. Out fence, garden and trees were destroyed. Other panels of fence, on the eastern side of the yard were left hanging in open sections.

Then, just as it began, it was over. The storm was gone. I went out to look around. It was silent, not a single sound. As I then took pictures, I began to hear distant sirens. Power lines were down; trees were broken and scattered throughout the neighbourhood.

Initially, we were told it was a micro-burst. We are in the direct path of many of these. They come from the west, on a direct path down the route through our area toward Lake Michigan. After further investigation of the wind speeds and damage, it was decided to be in fact a tornado that did not actually touch down.

It is important to be aware of the possibility that these can happen at any time. Be prepared. Stay alert. Have a plan. We were fortunate; it could have been worse. It was certainly bad enough.

Word Prompt: “Wind”
This is posted “late “because my husband came 
home after six weeks on-the-road: priorities!

31 thoughts on “Wind Damage

  1. I missed this storm. I had gone to pick up my GD and we came home to this damage. We, too, lost several of our big oaks in the front and to GD, the worst part was that we had no power for over 24 hours … you know teenagers and inconvenience. We had to borrow a battery operated fan for her (poor thing :0 Great story. The good news is you now have a new fence and it looks awesome 🙂



  2. F+GOOD GRIEF! (this is Katie Isabella's mom on my own account). That was horrible! We have tornadoes coming through all of the time and I live in a wooded area so it scares me to death. I am so sorry you had the damages that you did but thank goodness nothing struck the house, bad as it all was.



  3. Wow… how terrifying! I love to watch storms, but once things start flying around and crashing that's a whole different thing. From your pictures, it's obvious you had to work hard to get everything cleaned, fixed, and back in order. I am glad that nothing smashed into a window or crashed through your roof, and especially that you didn't get hurt! Living in a mobile home, I pray that we never experience winds like that, it would be total devastation.


  4. It all happened so fast! Yes, it took out the fence, trees, nests, birdfeeders and a birdhouse in our yard. We were fortunate it wasn't worse, though it was bad enough. It was costly, and sad. I pray you never encounter this, as well!


  5. We have earthquakes here. I don't want to go through what you went through. I do know that being prepared is essential. I'm glad that you were prepared.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂


  6. Wow, what a wild experience! I normally love watching storms, but then I also have a healthy respect for nature as well. Once, years ago when we were in a very transitional stage of our lives, we lived in a rented single wide trailer. One afternoon the winds picked up almost instantly as the skies also grew dark. I looked out, and across the way it looked like the tall grass in the field across the street was flattened as if something was crushing it from above. As the trailer began to shake, I threw my two preschoolers into a closet, got in and pulled a crib mattress over us. As quickly as it blew in, it blew over. Strangest thing ever. Later it was said it was a microburst. Scary.


  7. I was going to say that sounded like a tornado! Never knew they would be that bad without touching down.

    Made for a good post though.

    Glad the trees landed away from your house.


  8. I'm glad that you were not on the road when the tornado hit. You could have been injured by fallen trees or power lines. Poor little critters, they were hit hard. It's sad that some baby birds would have been thrown off their little nests when the trees broke.

    What a big mess to clean up but like you said, it could have been worst. Thank goodness that no no damage was done to your house.


  9. Oh my goodness. I cannot imagine. And I don't think I will be complaining about how cold it gets up here because that is exactly why we do not have tornadoes.
    So glad that you were safe through all this!


  10. 6 weeks on the road coming home to a yard full of torn down trees…poor fella. Glad you all were OK. Got to admit I'd be as excited as Maggie when the storm first started…that electricity in the air is contagious. That being said, you probably would have found me in the bathtub surrounded by water bottles holding a flash light after the first tree went down. Good luck to you and you neighbors with the cleanup.


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