Adopt a Cat

June is
“Adopt a Cat”

Whether you celebrate it with the Humane Society,
the ASPCA, a shelter, or a rescue organization
it’s all about cats & finding them permanent homes.
There are many cats of all ages, sizes, and colours
just waiting for you and a “forever home”.
Please remember to consider your lifestyle
and the needs of the cat when adopting.
Love is a commitment & a privilege.

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51 thoughts on “Adopt a Cat

  1. Many years ago when I lived with my dad, our neighbors asked us to adopt a dog who needed a home. He was a senior and lived only three years but became my best friend. Since then, I have become a firm believer in adoption. Two of my guinea pigs were adopted. My cat is a stray who found a home with me. She is also incidentally an indoor cat. And my husband and I act as foster parents to dogs when needed. Alas, there are still hundreds of animals who need homes.


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