A family lived for many years in the old house, within its safely fenced in yard. Yet time moves on and with it people, leaving only emptiness behind.
Loving care turned to neglect as the home fell into disrepair, eventually lost to both time and elements. Reality cannot sustain all memories.

Desolation resides alone there now, beyond the broken fence.

Story & Photo by: McGuffy Ann Morris

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Word Prompt: Desolation

41 thoughts on “"Desolation"

  1. There is somethingvery sad about an abandoned house that has gone the transformation from being a place that someone once called home where meals were shared and laughter was heard and memories were made but now lays in ruins. We have such a house in our neighbourhood near our farm and I pass by it every days to go to work. It has only been 4 years and already the yard is overgrown with small trees and bushes and tall weeds. It looks really abandonned.

    I love your introduction. You have ways with words that create a picture in my mide.

    Have a safe month of JUne.


  2. We have a house like this just across the road from us, abandoned and slowly wasting away, it is indeed desolate. I always wonder about the lives of those who lived there, the stories that the house could tell. It seems so sad that there is no longer anyone to care. Very well written piece, Annie!


  3. Another perfect short short story. Photo is just right as well. Purrs and hugs from the kitties at The Cat on My Head, Lily Olivia, Misty May, Mauricio, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette


  4. Hi Ms. Mac ~~ First, I am very glad that Bill made it through the tornados safely if a little scary. Three of those “Chasers” died in Oklahoma taking their films and doing their chasing.

    I have a video I took from our balcony during Hurrican Ike. We live about 90 miles north of the Galveston coast but it blow some roofs off and knock a bunch of trees down here.

    Our old farm house were I was born has been torn down by its new owners. It was abandoned after Dad and Mom moved to town. (The house had two bedrooms upstairs and a kitchen and living room down. I slept in the sunporch on the right.)


  5. You've gotten a really good story out of those five short sentences. And the photo (which is your own work, too, in case nobody noticed the credits) fits the prompt well.


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