Furry Friends Forevermore

A Heavenly Reunion with Your Pet
By Gary Kurz
In this very inspirational book, Gary Kurz addresses the possibly of a hereafter for your pets. Offering comfort even solace, he draws on scripture, theology, and traditional belief to paint a heaven with our pets.

I have had dreams and unexplained experiences after losing pets. I believe the bonds and connections can go beyond what we know and understand in this world. I believe that love surpasses death.
In his wise and wonderful way, author Gary Kurz takes pain and turns it into hope that we will again meet our beloved pets beyond The Rainbow Bridge. I believe.

6 thoughts on “Furry Friends Forevermore

  1. That is a nice thought. I believe that since animal are not desobeing God they have no need of salvation like us and I hope that there is a place for them in heaven. They never wage war against other nations like men do. They obey their instinct. Some suffer terribely, surly God's love his creatures and has a place for them.



  2. What a wonderful book this would be to give to anyone who is grieving the loss of a beloved furkid. Love is indeed eternal, those bonds are never broken. I am so looking forward to those joyous reunions some day, this book sounds like a read to warm the heart!


  3. All the love that our pets give us, surely there must be a special place in heaven for them. Then there are animals who suffer throughout their lives. Rainbow Bridge is the only chance they have of a loving home and so surely God will give them one. I hope!


  4. They are innocents and deserve a place of peace … and hopefully we will be able to follow them there for that special reunion with all that we love. I agree, this would be a great gift for a grieving pet owner.



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