18 thoughts on “Memory Lane

  1. A truly beautiful poem, Annie! I so agree with your sentiment, surrounding ourselves with things does not bring us peace or happiness, having good memories that we can always return to, does. The older we get, the more we appreciate those moments that can make us smile and rescue us from days that aren't always so pleasant. This would make a lovely intro poem to a poetry book filled with your memories of times and places. I'm delighted that this week you'll be celebrating some very good memories made with that awesome guy of yours thirty-some years ago! 🙂 Thank you for a wonderful contribution to Two Shoes Tuesday!


  2. It's great, Ms. Mac. A sequel could be for when a person gets old like me he forgets how to access that memory lane. I was trying last night to figure out what C&W singer my dad would tease Mom about almost marrying him instead of Dad. I couldn't. My sister didn't even remember him doing that.


  3. Early 1930's Ms. Mac ~~ It may have been a member of “The Sons of the Pioneers.” But I didn't recognize the name when I saw the list. For sure it wasn't Hoot Gibson although he was from her home town. I will keep on thinking and looking. Thank you,


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