Blind Curves

One Woman’s Unusual Journey to Reinvent Herself and Answer: What Now?

By Linda Crill

Linda Crill is a widow following the advice put out to her as to how to go on, what to do next. Unhappy, she decides to completely change directions with her life. She puts aside a high paced career for life on a motorcycle. She commits to a 2500 mile journey, having only 30 days to plan it. She then takes classes to learn how to tame the 800+ pound machine.

Unsure of what she is doing, she chooses to go for it and makes the journey. From Canada through California, Linda takes every blind curve bravely facing the unknown in search of answers for herself and her future.

Her book is not only her travelogue, but also motor cycle history and facts. She writes with heart, humour and courage. This is a very enjoyable book for those who wonder what may beyond that “blind curve”, and those who may seek it.

7 thoughts on “Blind Curves

  1. Wow! I have to admire that kind of courage, to set out on your own doing something entirely new and adventurous! I'm sure this must be a very interesting story. I am all for people who realize that life must go on and take steps to make it happen. Thanks for a fun review!


  2. People often said that I was courageous, but really when you face more of the same and it's not working, then sometimes the only hope for something better is around the blind curve. The first one may not be better but with enough curves we eventually get more experience and more ideas about how to rebuild life. Thanks for the review and appreciate your comments.


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