Pet Appreciation Week

It is “Pet Appreciation Week”.
While we should all appreciate our pets daily,
this is a week to give them a little extra time & love.
Make sure they are current on veterinary care,
vaccinations, and have proper diets & nutrition.
Make sure they are well groomed & brushed.
Take some extra time to realize how much your pets 
add to your life, and love you unconditionally.
Be sure to show them that you appreciate that love.
Be worthy of their love.  

34 thoughts on “Pet Appreciation Week

  1. Those of us who understand what you are saying surely do all for our pets that we can and then some … I am hoping this reminder falls on ears that need a boost in the right direction. Sometimes people just don't get it … and the pets suffer the neglect. Keep plugging Annie … all pets deserve the best1



  2. Pets are amazing and have proven to lower a human's blood pressure just by petting them. All my pets through the years have meant the world to me – like children almost (even though I have one grown daughter).


  3. Very well stated, Annie, we can't take our furkids for granted, they need our attention and care just as any child would. The trust us to be loving and responsible pet parents just as they are loving and devoted friends to us. It's a sweet relationship, I wouldn't want it to be any other way!


  4. I miss my Maggie, even though she does have many neuroses. We've been out of town and she's been on her doggy vacation (boarding that treats them so well!). I will be sure to love her extra when I get home!!!


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