Who am I if not a reflection
of the past— an image
created by the choices
of those before me,
an illusion of what others
perceive me to be.
Knowledge comes with
the wisdom of age.
Reflections fade into shadows.
What I once was has faded;
what I am yet to be becomes clear.
I did not choose to be here,
to be a part of this.
Forever now will I be both
  reflection and shadow.

Poem & Image by:  
McGuffy Ann Morris
Poem from my book: “Weeds
Copyright 2012

Linking to: 
Poets United: Poetry Pantry 

44 thoughts on “Median

  1. What a powerful and introspective poem, Annie! We are part reflection of the past and of the people who have interacted with us. What we make of the future is up to us! I love the photograph, it fits this piece perfectly! Thank you so much for an excellent contribution to Two Shoes Tuesday!


  2. I truly enjoyed your poem. It does make you think!! As you get a little older you really understand what it is saying. Life teaches us many lessons that we take forward with us that allows us to see things more clearly.


  3. I enjoyed the poem too and it did make me stop and think and I had to read it three or four times. It is too bad we don't know when we are young what we have experienced as we get older. Take care.


  4. Definitely a great reflective poem. I believe that heaven is more real and defined than what we experience here on earth where everything seems like an illusion. Everything is temporary and it's gone in an instant never to be the same.
    Your poem makes me think deeper.



  5. This touched on some things that I am going through currently. I love the ending and the not having chosen to be here but taking the shape of shadow and reflection as a result. Very nice.


  6. our choices def dictate where we end up…and we are not hte same today as we were yesterday nor will we be tomorrow…and sometimes it doesnt always end up like we hoped or thought but we make the most of it in our next choice…smiles.


  7. An impressive write. I like the idea of being both reflection and shadow. And yes, knowledge does come from the wisdom of age….at least this is ONE advantage of age. LOL. We know ourselves well….ha, perhaps too well. I enjoyed your write.


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