Until She Comes Home

By Lori Roy

It is 1958, in Detroit, Michigan. Families are still cared for by stay-at-home mothers. Fathers work at local factories. Friends care for friends, and neighbours are close. Times are simple and secure.

Suddenly everything changes. The normal, quiet neighborhood is overcome with unsettling situations, as it struggles with the rapidly changing world. Unfortunately, the neighbourhood is changing, too.

One of the neighbourhood women disappears. There is concern there could be a possible connection to the recent murder of a black woman at the local factory. The men search for answers. No one can be sure if she is still alive, or who may be next. They wonder if there is an unspeakable danger walking amoung them.

One woman knows the truth, but fears prevent her from coming forth. She knows that to tell would forever change things. She finds comfort in the women who are related to a murdered woman. These women are very different. She safe with them and no longer feels that way in her own neighborhood.

Things and times are changing; it is unsure who is safe or if anyone really is. Nothing is what it seems, nor is to be trusted. Friends and neighbours are suddenly pitted against each other. Everything and everyone will forever be affected, no matter what the answers ultimately are.

Lori Roy is a very talented and gifted author. Her characters are well developed and genuine. She draws you into her stories of suspense with urgency, and holds you there until the very end. Then she leaves you wanting more. She does that here, as she did in her first book, “Bent Road”.

2 thoughts on “Until She Comes Home

  1. Wow! Sounds like there is plenty of intrigue going on in this story to keep me reading right through! I love stories about women, their strengths and their weaknesses, and what happens when they come together. This one has to go on my reading list. Another excellent review from you, Annie!


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