A Special Review of "Weeds"

I would like to share this special Kirkus Review with you. I am pleased that my poetry spoke to their reviewers. Self-publishing is difficult; support from peers, reviewers, and others is invaluable. 

I would like to thank all of those who have read my book, and those who have taken the time to review my book(s) on their blog and on Amazon.com. I want to especially thank authors Beth Hoffman, EC Stilson, Marion Witte and Anna Ready. Thank you for your continued support.

You can click on the books in my sidebar, to be taken to Amazon.com to see my books, or visit my author page.

I hope this review will encourage you to read my poetry book. I hope my poetry will speak to you, too.

From Kirkus Reviews:
 “Aging, betrayal, inner reflection, a dismal view from a street  corner—something in this collection will speak to nearly everyone. As they  make their way through the emotional journey, some readers will connect to  the poems that travel through darkness to find the sparks of light that  remind us to keep going.

 Morris offers warm respite from the storm, like a friend with whom to  compare visions of dark clouds.

 A worthy read, especially for the disillusioned.”

22 thoughts on “A Special Review of "Weeds"

  1. An excellent review for a truly wonderful book of poetry. I have re-read my copy of “Weeds” countless times, and each time discover new layers and meanings. This is not a book of home-spun rhyme, it is a professionally written collection of poetry that touches the heart and rattles the soul. I'm delighted that your book has been recognized by Kirkus, Annie, it is so deserving of the honor!


  2. I need to do this for you too. I'm not all the way through the book, but I'm working on it. Excellent read. Much of it I've lived through.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂


  3. Congratulations on the great reviews of your book Weeds. You have a way with words that makes one ponder. It's a book that I will probably read when my life slows down a bit.

    I've been weeding my life for a long time and have come to love myself as a child of God, unique and precious in his eyes with all my flaws and I celebrate this hard journey I'm on.



  4. Kirkus really captured the essence of Weeds. It is a book that can be read and reread because each time you will see or feel something that wasn't there the last time. You don't have to be disillusioned to appreciate it … in fact many should read it so they can understand the depth of feelings that exist in those dark clouds … understanding is knowledge that can bring the best out in people. You know I love your Weeds, Annie … I have spent a lot of time with it and much of it is a part of me. Great review …

    Andrea @ From The Sol


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