Mr. Peabody

Everyone knew that Mr. Peabody was living in the old car. It was obvious; all of the signs were there: the mess and the odor.

They tried to evict him for months, but he was an elusive old guy. He stayed in there, and ended up dying in that very car.

They finally found his little dead mouse body, up against the blower motor fan blades.

Story & Photo by: McGuffy Ann Morris

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Word Prompt: “Blades”

44 thoughts on “Mr. Peabody

  1. I've had to evict one out of my previous car too, the hard way. I hate to trap the little thing but it was not allowed to stay there one minute longer.

    Your story had me picturing an old man living in the old abandoned car, ha,ha,ha.

    Happy Summer.


  2. Oh dear, this was a surprising an delightful read. I start out feeling sad that this will be about a poor homeless guy, and it turns out to be about a mouse who probably thought he lived in a mansion and was nice and safe and dry in the old car… and died in his own home, as we all wish to do! Excellent writing, you reeled us all in! As for mousies… I love them… OUTSIDE! Mice in the house freak me out, but the furkids are quick to let us know when we have “company”. I prefer the humane box traps which let you catch and release, Papa Bear find that really amusing… release to return again another day he says.


  3. Awww! Poor little mouse! We once had a rat inside our garage that would raid the garbage cans and run up underneath my son's car and put things around the engine. One time it was mashed potatoes! 🙂


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