34 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. This is beautiful, Annie, and so very, very true! If we expect people to be all things to us, we will be disappointed, each person – and furkid – in our lives fills their own special spot and brings their own gifts. We do indeed spend much time waiting, and sometimes holding our breath. I am trying to live more in the moment these days, trusting that God has good things in store for me. I'm betting that this photograph, perfect for the poem, comes from the garden at Mayo Clinic in AZ. 🙂 Thank you for an awesome contribution to Two Shoes Tuesday, how I love your poetry, and how very well it is always done!


  2. Thank you, Josie. I really appreciate your thoughts & comments. We can only be ourselves and then wait for what comes next. Yes, this is one of Mayo's garden benches, where many wait…


  3. I'm like that, always waiting for a better garden next year, I guess that I'm an optimistic person. It comes with patience. Waiting for a bud to bloom, waiting for the dinner to cook, waiting for someone to return home safe and sound, waiting for opportunities.



  4. Wow, just WOW. I love this poem and can so relate. I feel I am in a state of 'waiting' even now. You captured that beautifully in both poem and picture.


  5. This is how I've spent my life, which is a bit sad in retrospect. Waiting, with a “Is this all there is?” since I was a young girl.

    RE: getting feeds (or not), I use Feedly now, because of course Reader is ending this week. It imported all my blogs without problem, luckily. I don't “follow” blogs anymore, though, I just add the URL as a subscription. Not sure if that helps!


  6. Your words are so expressive. They open up the word wait to what it is in reality. Wait has an undeserved bad reputation. We tend to think wait means nothing is happening. But like your words tell us wait is a verb!. Once I learned that waiting became a good thing. Not always easy but good.


  7. Waiting patiently is not my specialty, yet sometimes I just can't avoid it. That period of “limbo” as I call it, where you know there will be an answer or an outcome soon, but it will just take some time, keeps me awake at night. Fortunately, it doesn't happen too often.


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