Swimming with Maya

A Mother’s Story

By Eleanor Vincent

This is a very raw and emotional memoir. It would be simple to say that it is about the relationship between a mother and daughter. It would also true to say that it is a story of organ donation. However, this memoir is about these issues but also so much more.

Eleanor Vincent goes into painful detail discussing her relationships with her own parents, loves in her life, and her often turbulent relationship with Maya. She tells of the difficulties in raising Maya and her sister. None of this was easy on the author, or those involved.

When Maya is injured in a fall from a horse, she is hospitalized in a coma. Eleanor shares with courage and honesty the emotions and heartbreak of watching her daughter die. She also shares the decision of organ donation.

This book is an important tribute to love, and also that of honouring life. Eleanor Vincent manages to turn a horrific loss into a celebration of life. This book is an important read for many reasons. 

28 thoughts on “Swimming with Maya

  1. McGuffy Ann –
    Thanks for your excellent review of Swimming with Maya. I appreciate your nuanced view of my intentions as a writer in describing the complexity of loving and mourning a beloved daughter. My book is about life – and that includes death and loss. The most important question is, how do we go on? Swimming with Maya attempts to answer that question through one woman’s journey.


  2. This book just went on the top of my reading list. Life is not easy, nor are mother-daughter relationships. I am always uplifted by those who are able to take heartbreaking situations in their lives and share them in a way that teaches and encourages us all. I know from your review that this book is going to make me cry, but I also know I'll end up smiling through the tears. Ordering my copy today!


  3. A very empowering book review about the importance of organ donating and the emotional side of donating organs from a deceased loved one. Very touching.



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