The Silver Star

A Novel
By Jeannette Walls
This is the novel of two sisters, 15 year old Liz and 12 year old Bean. They are trying to grow up in spite of their immature, irresponsible mother Charlotte. Though she tries to keep her daughters together she is often absent, leaving them to raise themselves.
When she yet again takes off to “find herself”, the sisters head for the hometown of their mother, looking for help and answers. It is there that they actually find both, with the help of their mother’s brother.
Childless and widowed, Uncle Tinsley gives the girls the love and stability that they have never had. It is also here that the girls learn the truth of their past, as well as their mother’s past, and develop family ties.
However, in spite of the positive lifestyle that Uncle Tinsley provides, there are dark issues that the girls are confronted with. They have grown up too fast, and consequently learned to keep secrets. When truths come out, the darkness and secrets must be dealt with.
Jeannette Walls has again written a very emotional book of real situations, life lessons, and characters that you will love and cheer for. The story is very moving, filled with love, redemption, and unexpected heroes.

20 thoughts on “The Silver Star

  1. This is a fiction novel though, right?I know she wrote that non-fiction about horses that I've yet to read even though it's on my list! This one sounds good, too!


  2. I haven't read any of her books but I read the reviews. I know it's not the same as reading the whole book but that's how it is these days, unfortunately. I used to be a voracious reader when I had more spare time.
    Have a lovely weekend of reading.



  3. I read “The Glass Castle” and was totally amazed she could mature into the talented writer and responsible person she is. I'm glad she's finally moving further int fiction, I think she had to get far enough away from the way she grew up to wrote these sorts of stories.


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