The Tire Swing

Uncle Eddie came home from Vietnam the Spring that I was ten. It was 1970. My mother had just married his oldest brother. I immediately took to Uncle Eddie, and became his sidekick. He was 21, and he knew how to have fun!

Uncle Eddie learned I was born and raised in Chicago for most of my ten years. He proceeded to teach me the fine art of country living. I helped him build a new bedroom for himself onto his family’s home. Then we built rabbit coops so I could have pet rabbits.

Uncle Eddie then hung a tire swing for me. He said I had to have one, so we chose the tree. Then he climbed it, and adjusted the distance and height of the rope for the maximum fun benefit. It was nothing like the park swings in Chicago. I was amazed at the twisting and turning, and the total freedom of it! It was the best swing ever!

That Summer, I also learned to drive a dirt bike, even though I wiped out into a fire ant hill! I got the hang of it, with Uncle Eddie’s help. He also let me drive his brand his new 1969 Olds Cutlass down the winding dirt road. We did a lot of fun and amazing things that Summer! We stayed close as long as I lived in Texas.

That tire swing hung there in that old tree for as long as I lived there in Texas. When we moved away from the family property, I missed the swing. Every time we visited, I would go out back and use the tire swing. It always brought back a special sense of freedom and pure joy. 

33 thoughts on “The Tire Swing

  1. Sounds like Uncle Eddie was a great guy and that you two developed a wonderful and lasting friendship. Just thinking about swinging on a tire swing gives me butterflies in my stomach!


  2. What a beautiful tale of a sweet childhood memory, I am so glad there were some times like these, and someone who saw to it that you got to have some wonderful experiences to remember always. Sounds like the perfect Uncle, who gave you the chance to do all kinds of interesting things! Tire swings… just great memories of them from my childhood too!


  3. This is absolutely wonderful…precious childhood memories. What an amazing uncle to take that kind of time to pour into your life, spend time with you, teach you valuable skills. This brought back the memory of my own tire swing. My Dad strung one from a towering pine tree. I always felt like I was flying in that thing. Thanks for letting me go back and reminisce.


  4. what's a farm without a tire swing?
    I can't recall a time when there wasn't a tire swing hanging from the old crab apple tree in the yard. some things should never change.


  5. What a wonderful memory! And thank you for bringing back one of mine. When I was growing up our family reunions were held each summer at a cousin's Christmas tree farm and there was a tire swing there hung from a very tall tree on the side of a gently sloping hill so that when we swung out it seemed like we were miles off the ground. The cousin's sold the farm years ago, but whenever I think of it I wonder if the new owners left the tire swing.


  6. Tears….cool story! I remember when I was a kid and they had a tire swing at my school and we would try to see who could swing the fastest! I liked the tire swing, it was fun! Eddie sounds cool, letting you drive his car and dirt bike.
    : )


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