47 thoughts on “Aww…Mini-Horses!

  1. They are so sweet and just too cute. We had a shetland pony when the kids were young. He was getting old and had bad feet, but so sweet.

    Happy 4th of July


  2. How wonderful! I had ponies when I was growing up, and used to take care of our neighbour's horse in the winter when I was home from school. But these two are adorable. Lucky you, to get to take care of them!


  3. I can see that twinkle in Shamars eye … she's probably up to no good:) You are getting great at taking pictures and Daisy looks sweet as always. Cute post …



  4. That is cool! My friend has been into horses her entire life, too. Her grandfather was a horseman. She also has quarter horses, but someone else cares for them. She rides, trains, shows, & teaches.


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