"Map"…& my Interview!


I have walked miles across harsh lonely tundra,
through forests too dark to see the trees.
I have reached heights, climbing mountains of enigma.
and stumbled, falling into valleys of depression.
I have relied upon dawn as my epiphany,
and dusk as my reprieve.
I have sailed uncharted waters,
never knowing if I’d find my way.
I have navigated emotions,
steering toward the beacon of hope.
I feared capsizing or crashing haphazardly,
on the rocky shores of betrayal.
I must now follow the ebb and tide of uncertainty.
I am the steward of my voyage.
The promise of tomorrow is what guides me today.
I will weather the storms.
I will stay on course.
I will survive.

Poem by: McGuffy Ann Morris,
from my poetry book, “Weeds”, 2012

Linked to: Poets United
for my interview:
“Life of a Poet”

*Please check out this wonderful community

of creative, interesting,  and dedicated poets!
I would like to especially thank Sherry,
who interviewed me. She is special.*

21 thoughts on “"Map"…& my Interview!

  1. Wow, I go away for a weekend and you turn into a celebrity … way to go, girl. I loved this interview. Sherry really captured the real you by asking the right questions. I think maybe you have been launched :)Love it!



  2. No, no…no celebrity. That is not me. I am just happy when my poetry speaks to someone, or for someone. Sherry is wonderful. I am blessed that she took the time to interview me. I truly am humbled.


  3. Wonderful poem, and a fabulous interview. You may have to tell me more about using a vaporizer and chest thumps with sick kittens — i've often wondered if there was anything much i could do when their breathing was “rattly.”


  4. I loved the interview! Great work feeding those two day old cats! Did you
    use a machine, or something? Also do you do wildlife rehabilitation? Can't
    wait to read your story about animal rescue. I would also like to get a
    copy of your book Weeds too, when it comes out. I like all of your poems,
    and enjoy reading them.
    : )


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