We are all born to suffer and die;

it changes nothing to wonder why.
We carry our burdens, links in a chain;
sins, indiscretions all remain.
These chains grow heavier with life and time,
link upon link, crime after crime.
There are those who carry their chains and more,
links forged by apathy, a pitiful captor.
Through mercy they can be freed from the pain;
in reparation those left must carry their chain.
The weight of this burden one cannot dismiss.
There is penance and pathos in supreme justice. 

Poem by: McGuffy Ann Morris,
from “Weeds”, 2012
Picture: Photobucket

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42 thoughts on “Justice

  1. Harsh as it is, I always loved this one. There is so much truth in your poetry and you often speaks of things we would tend to ignore, but shouldn't. Good one, McGuffy …



  2. This poem was absolutely perfect for this week's writing prompt, Annie! It is stark, yet truthful in its message. I often ponder the balance between justice and mercy, and how it all works out in the end. A very thoughtful and well written poem. Thank you for sharing at with us at Two Shoes Tuesday!


  3. This is fantastic love the closing line, I spend a lot of time thinking about ways to improve the justice system right now I like most that place (I forget where) that the prisoners live on an actual form that they run, they are not caged


  4. A very truthful, powerful piece, made me think of Marley from A Christmas Carol as he carried the chains “he forged link by link” by not being merciful and how he tried to convince Scrooge to become kind and giving so he wouldn't be weighed down by such a heavy chain. Marvelous poem you have written!


  5. This is the second poem I read today that describes life as penance. Interesting. I believe there is all kinds of pain, some inevitable, some preventable … and then there is healing … 🙂


  6. That is an interesting take. No, I don't think life is penance; I think we must do penance for our actions in life, however. Each action is a link in our chain. Penance leads to healing.


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