Lowcountry Boil

By Susan M. Boyer

This is an entertaining mystery set in South Carolina. Private Investigator, Liz Talbot has been living upstate. Now, she must return to the island of her youth.

It seems her grandmother was murdered. Liz is warned to stay out of the investigation by her brother, who is also the police chief. However, spunky Liz decides to launch her own investigation.

The investigation involves many twists and turns that a good old fashioned mystery should have. It seems the town is not as Liz remembered it, or things have perhaps changed. Yet, Liz is trying to decide whether to stay or not.

The characters of this book are homespun and heartfelt.  Liz is spunky and feisty, her brother is protective of his little sister, and the locals are all interesting and fun-filled.
This down home mystery will keep you guessing, and leave you looking forward to the sequel.

14 thoughts on “Lowcountry Boil

  1. Okay, now this one I could read … I love a good mystery and it would be nice to read a different auther for a change. Love your review … you sold me:)

    Andrea @ From The Sol


  2. I must read this one as South Carolina is the only state I've not visited and we're planning a stop this fall to check that one off my list. It would be fun to read this to get some of the flavor or the area.


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