Winter had set into their lives with age. Cold seeped into their bones, as drafts seemed to whisper of what was to come. Their time on earth was fading, as time together on the old farm was slipping away quickly.
She asked how she would go on without him, as she fussed over his medication and keeping him comfortable. He told her that he would always be there. He would always be a part of her life. She said she wasn’t sure of that. How could she hold onto that, as she could him? He assured her that she would see reminders, and would know he was still there. He promised her, and said she only had to believe.
One bitter morning when she awoke, he was gone. In the night he had drifted away, leaving her alone. The cold was deeper, and the night was darker now. Winter seemed it would never end. She again wondered how she could go on without him.  She could only feel the harsh loneliness of his absence.
Finally spring came, but she only had more to do now. As she went about her endless chores, she suddenly noticed the sunshine. Looking up, she saw the birds nesting in the full green trees. Beneath her feet, she felt the lush green grass again. Life was coming back to the farm, and to her.
From somewhere deep within her heart, she recalled his words. He would always be with her; she just had to believe.
Story & Photo by: McGuffy Ann Morris

49 thoughts on “"Believe"

  1. You certainly capture the meaning of that great loss and engender hope in your words. Some of us are close to facing the long winter and will look for spring when it happens. Wonderfully put …



  2. What a beautiful story, Annie, very close to the heart of those of us who are getting older and living with the soul mate of our dreams. I try not to think about this reality of life that we all face sooner or later, but it is impossible not to. I like your perspective, I do believe, and I believe that our loved ones who cross over are never really very far away. Hopefully, that will bring comfort when needed. I won't forget these words! A powerful contribution to Two Shoes Tuesday, thank you!


  3. Very nice story about a very brave woman. I always tell my husband that I hope I go before he does. I think I might be one of those old people that die of a broken heart if her goes first. Thanks for sharing. Janet


  4. This made me cry. A dear friend (who lives on a farm) recently lost her husband…this struck a chord.

    Yes, it takes time and seasons, but life somehow does continue…


  5. Hi Ms. Mac ~~ This is sort of sad. I could tell from the beginning that it would be that way. Yes, memories of loved ones passed away are a saving feature of the way that God has made us.


  6. Hi 🙂 that was so sad it made me blink a little bit,I did enjoy it though. I liked the romance in it and the thought of believing even when you cant see what you believe in.I feel it takes a lot of belief to do that.


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