I’ll See You Again

By Jackie Hance

This is a very important memoir. It is written by Jackie Hance, who lost her three daughters in a tragic auto accident. Jackie shares with us the collateral damage of such an emotional and physical loss, and its effects on her, her husband, and their marriage. Her very faith was shaken to the core.

The auto was driven by the girl’s Aunt Diane. The story was told extensively in the media at the time. One haunting detail was that before the accident, the girls talked to their parents on a cell phone. They said, “Something is wrong with Aunt Diane”. The girls knew something was not right and were afraid.

As time went by, undeniable facts were proven through testing that Aunt Diane was the cause of the accident. Jackie and Warren struggle together and separately to deal with the loss of their daughters, Emma, Alyson and Katie. They must also deal with the reality of the cause of it, another loved one: Warren’s sister, Diane. The stress and emotional toll was overpowering.

In writing this profound and brave memoir, Jackie shows how she and Warren find their way back to each other. She also shows how they learn to forgive each other and themselves as well as others involved in the tragedy.

Through their journey of love and healing, they survive to ultimately celebrate the lives of their daughters. They also are able to celebrate their new daughter, Kasey. This is an amazing story of a family, tragedy and eventual triumph. 

20 thoughts on “I’ll See You Again

  1. Heart rendering … and such courage to make it through such a tragedy. I can't even imagine … Could be a good read and perhaps we could all learn from their experience. Good Review, McGuffy …

    Andrea @ From The Sol


  2. I remember this story vividly. Since it happened on the Taconic Parkway, the coverage here in the NY/NJ/CT Tri-State area was abundant, to say the least. What an amazing and profound thing forgiveness is.


  3. It's rather a close to home topic for me, although my loss was not through an accident, and really no one was at fault. Faith and love can carry you through, though i'm not sure i'll be able to read this one.


  4. I remember when this was on the news. But I CAN'T remember the details. Was Diane drinking or on drugs or something? An accident is one thing, but if she was using while driving those kids, that's a whole other story. Don't know if I could read this.


  5. I hadn't heard about this until I read your review and then I watched a clip from The View. Unimaginable grief! I'm sure I would want to read it….someday. Thanks for telling us about it.


  6. This is one of those stories that makes you cringe thinking about it, but then you realize that you want to read it to see how such shattered lives and relationships were put back together again. I always champion survivors, who are able to find a way to carry on with life against all odds. Such hard things for them to come to terms with in addition to the tragedy of losing your children. You review has drawn me in, Annie, and now I want to read about them overcoming!


  7. I do remember all of this quite well and have seen the parents with their new daughter on television. It is amazing to me that their marriage survived and that they decided to have another child. very, very brave couple. Janet


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