The Gordonston Ladies Dogwalking Club

By Duncan Whitehead

This is a very unique novel, filled with colourful characters and drama. While it may be classified as a sort of mystery, it is a soap opera, as well.

The story revolves around the Gordonston area of Savannah. A popular neighborhood park is where many residents meet and walk their dogs. Within the neighbourhood is a close-knit group of women who does everything together. When one of the women dies of cancer, the dynamics of the group changes. People change, lines are crossed, secrets come to light.

In fact, it seems there are many secrets and mysteries brewing in Gordonston. From financial problems to politics, questionable relationships to inappropriate conduct, there is a lot going on in this book.

Duncan Whitehead has written an entertaining book with dark humour and drama, along with many twists and turns. This is a great summer read.

One thought on “The Gordonston Ladies Dogwalking Club

  1. Any book that is based on life in Savannah has got to be an interesting read. Savannah is my most favorite place ever, how I wish I lived there! I can just imagine the intrigue that is shared in the neighborhood park in this tale. When women gather… all kinds of interesting things come to light! Great review, Annie, sounds like fun read!


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