It was dark when Dale woke up confused, unable to move or speak. He could hear machines, and voices discussing a terrible accident involving him.

They were saying there was no hope, no possible way for him to recover.  He tried to tell them that he could hear them and that he would be fine, but they did not respond. 

Slowly, Dale realized in horror that he was trapped, locked within himself, with no way out.

Story by: McGuffy Ann Morris
Photo by: Photobucket

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Word Prompt: Locked

47 thoughts on “"Locked"

  1. Ultimate horror!

    We can be deprived of our five little peep-holes; then we are really alone!

    A sharp story, full of the pathos in our human drama.

    To read and think!

    Thank you for this pretty gem!


  2. That is a good serving of helplessness and a scary scenario. It would be like being buried alive.
    Good writing and great imagination.
    Happy weekend



  3. I really enjoy short fiction that does all that long fiction does. To be able to get you audience into the story and “feel” so much is quite an accomplishment – love Stella peeping under the blanket too. Thanks for the visit Ann.


  4. Yikes! This was so well done, Annie, it gave me goosebumps just thinking about it because we know it can and does happen. Hearing is the strongest of our senses, patients have heard staff and visitors say incredible things in their presence! This is a terror I don't ever want to experience first-hand. You told the story so very well in just five sentences.


  5. This is the ultimate prison.
    This is why I do these FSF posts – I would never have come up with this from the prompt and yet it fits perfectly! I learn something every week!


  6. It is called “locked in syndrome”. It happens most often with stroke patients, but an accident could cause the same thing. I have had patients like this … there is nothing I can imagine that could be worse. This story hit home … you really nailed it in 5 sentances …

    Andrea @ From The Sol


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