He knew the time was close, and asked me to stay with him. I sat and held his hand, as he talked through the dark night.

He told me stories from a life well lived, filled with much experience. At dawn, as he finally closed his eyes, he whispered, “I see it all now. I understand.”

Looking upon his now still and peaceful face, I knew that he did.

Story: McGuffy Ann Morris
Picture: Photobucket

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Word Prompt: Wisdom

41 thoughts on “Knowing

  1. Your tale is awesome!

    It is true! Wisdom envelopes us as a cloak knitted by time, and a shroud is the epitome of human wisdom, after it comes the universal knowledge.

    I like the sweet way you tell this story.

    Thank you!

    Od Liam


  2. To sit with someone dear while they are undertaking the journey from this life to the next is the greatest gift we can give, Annie. Mother Teresa knew this! As we get older things do seem to fall into place more, but there is still much we won't understand until we can see the whole picture some day. I look forward to passing over to a place of wisdom and peace, you wrote about it so beautifully here! I wish that all death could be just like this. It is as it should be. You were a blessing to this friend.


  3. Josie, when I was young, I worked in a Catholic retirement home. I knew several nuns like the great Mother Teresa. There are many unsung heroes who walk her path. I saw this scenario many times. I was also able to be there for some as they passed. Sometimes there is a sense of understanding “the big picture”, a knowing”. In that, there is a peace.


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