It’s unclear
what draws you here.
Life is a wreck.
I deal from the deck
of the house of cards,
broken heart in shards.
Lo and behold,
a story to be told.
No one hears
as it falls on deaf ears.

Poem by: McGuffy Ann Morris
Picture by: Photobucket

32 thoughts on “Tarot

  1. Excellent poem, Annie, and very good use of the prompts! 🙂 I believe that this is why you are here, in the blog world. In this place our voices are heard, and caring is present. Perhaps that is the common thread that attracts each of us to the others. Writing comes from the passion of experience, if life had been easy, what would we write about? Thank you for sharing your writing with us at Two Shoes Tuesday!


  2. Josie, I believe each of us brings what we know. We should write what we know, whether it is easy or not. I always hope that my writing speaks to or for someone. If we connect, it is good.


  3. Sometimes we look for answers wherever someone is willing to listen. Sadly, though, as you say, so often it falls upon deaf ears as we always seem to have selective hearing.


  4. Such a neat poem, Ms. Mack ~~ I like the the way you handled your ryhme with the short lines.

    What brings me here? To see what Ms. Mack had to say and write. What do I bring? I hope something for someone to smile over and think, just a bit.


  5. An all encompassing truth … and you captured it in your words so elegantly … as always. I am never surprised when you do that, but always pleased. Very nice, McGuffy Ann …



  6. A story to be told…I agree with one of your responses, that we bring what we know, whether it's easy or not. Sometimes, it falls on deaf ears and we reach out, hoping to find that connection somewhere that we desperately long for.


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