They had grown up together, sharing life’s adventures, experiences and a deep friendship. Time passed, age eventually taking its toll and separating them forever.

A final promise was made to honour the special friend and their bond. As she laid to rest her longtime friend beneath a tree on the hill, the promise was kept.

On the old dog’s gravestone is stated, “Love Surpasses Death”, because it does.

Story by: McGuffy Ann Morris

Picture: Photobucket

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Word Prompt: Limitless

44 thoughts on ““Limitless”

  1. I just love this. Having an animal is knowing you are going to outlive him very soon. And that very soon comes much too fast. Hank is 5 years old this summer and I can tear up thinking about life without him in another five or 10 years.


  2. I was so distraught when my big Leo was laid to rest that I couldn't bring myself to go with my husband to burry him. I was sobbing so hard that my husband thought that I should not go to the grave site. Leo was lovingly wrapped in a clean baby blanket and buried in the pet grave in one of our field.
    You write so beautifully Ann.


  3. I can relate to this beautiful elegy!

    I had not small pets, but if there is a Paradise for a good horse, on celestial meadows, there will be my sorrel horse, galloping, like a fire ribbon!

    Thank you, for this emotive memory!

    Od Liam


  4. We have an senior dog and we've had her since she was recused at 4 months. She's been such a joy to the both of us. We take better care of her than we do ourselves. I'm not looking forward to losing her.

    Have a terrific day. ☺


  5. I have learned to detach as I have had to deal with many difficult deaths in my field, but somehow it never works with our own, our pets included. I cry when I think of the difficult dealths of the wild little critters who come around my feeder. Perhaps the death of our little loved ones prepares us for the greater losses we will face in our lifetime … but if that is the plan, I don't like it … the pain never goes away. Another McGuffy masterpiece … waiting for that book 🙂



  6. I don't think one can detach from a loved one's death. I think each loss is a pain unto itself, because that is the nature of love. To lose love is painful, especially when the bond is mutual.


  7. It truly is hard to lose a pet. When my old catkids died, a year apart, I was heartbroken. Now there is Teddy. I worry that I might die before he does. Who will care for him?


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