Busy Week

Bill is home for a few days! His days at home are precious and few. It will be a busy week for us, as we try to get things done together. I am limited in my usefulness, so when he is home we try to catch up on things that I can’t do. Having a man around the house is a wonderful thing!

Please be patient with me if I seem a bit scarce, or don’t post, comment, or do memes as usual. I am just busy with my husband, and will catch up later. It is a blessing having him home, and being able to be together as a family! Thanks for understanding.

37 thoughts on “Busy Week

  1. Enjoy the together time, all the more precious because it's rare.

    And when he's on the road again, send him up to Ontario…I need a handyman to do work around this house. LOL.



  2. Yay for Bill arriving safely home again! Did Stella do the happy dance? 🙂 Don't worry about showing up online, life always trumps blogging, and being with the one you love is always the highest priority. Enjoy the time, hope you don't have to work too hard. Tell Bill hi from Texas! 🙂


  3. Thanks, Josie. Stella did Stella did her Sheltie happy dance, and Maggie, Chloe Jo & Grizelda all lined up to greet Dad! We are complete when Dad id home. It gets lonely without him. I will tell him “Hi” from Texas. Hugs.


  4. Thank you. It gets lonely without him. We try to make the most of the time he is home, even though much of that is taken up with errands and chores. It is still nice having the family complete.


  5. Enjoy every moment. My hubby used to travel a ton for work and I always felt like a single mom for a while…but when he got home, it was wonderful. Busy, but nice. 🙂


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