11 thoughts on “Back to Work

  1. Bon Voyage, Bill … I hope he continues to get good runs so it is all worth your while. Sorry you are back to being alone McGuffy … I know it is hard. Thank Goodness for our furbabies, right?



  2. Dear Ann, you are a strong couple to spend so much time apart yet you are so right for each others. I'm glad that you have these furry friends to keep you company while Bill is on the road keeping America well stocked up with needed products.

    I just wish that you two could have been together for a bit longer to enjoy some time to just relax together. Safe travel to Bill and I hope that your blogging buddies will keep you company too in his absence.
    Hugs for a good weekend.


  3. Well I wish he didn't have to be, but I understand. That's life, and sometimes it's not very fair! I'm glad you got to see him and I hope it won't be very long before he's back for another visit and maybe, just maybe, a little play time too! XOXO, Josie


  4. My husband used to travel all the time until last fall. I accomplished lots and lots while he was gone. Now it is harder to do that. But I wouldn't have it any other way. Glad you and Bill had some quality time together. Janet


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