As she did every afternoon, Gertie walked alone down her long curved driveway to her mailbox. Inevitably, it would be empty she knew, but she still had to check. Oh, there were the bills to pay, but she knew when they would come. Once in a while she got an unexpected note card from someone, though that was rare. People just don’t do that the way they used to.

As she meandered her way back up the drive, she noticed a dog slowly walking along the edge of the road. The poor old thing held its head down to the ground, seemingly oblivious to everything around it. It was skinny and obviously tired. It made her miss her old dog, who had passed just months ago, leaving her alone. She had been Gertie’s only company, leaving both her heart and home quite empty.

Concerned, Gertie called to the dog. Wary, the dog looked up. After a moment, Gertie continued up her driveway, surprised to see the dog following her. Gertie considered what she had done, knowing the dog needed both water and food. Somehow she felt the dog was meant to come here.

Hurrying inside, Gertie collected a couple of bowls. She filled one with water and one with some leftover kibble from her old dog. She rushed outside half-fearing the dog wouldn’t be there. When she got to her porch, there lay the dog, as if it knew it was finally home.

Gertie put the bowls down, talking to the dog quietly, reassuring her. Gertie then crossed the porch to sit in her rocking chair, humming as she waited. The dog slowly got up, and emptied the bowls before going to lay by Gertie’s chair. Gertie reached down to stroke the dog’s fur. Tears in her eyes, she welcomed the dog home. Together they watched the sun go down. 

As dusk set in, Gertie felt a peace she had not felt in quite some time. With the dog beside her, they went inside the old house. Her heart was no longer empty, nor was her house. It suddenly felt like a home again. 

Story by: McGuffy Ann Morris
Picture by: Photobucket

38 thoughts on ““Gertie”

  1. Oh Annie! The scene you set here stole my heart this morning! Knowing first hand of older relatives living alone out in the country, it is indeed a lonely life, and we both know what it means to lose a furry companion of many years. This was such a beautiful, tender story of two who surely needed each other coming together, I truly loved it! Thanks for such a lovely contribution to Two Shoes Tuesday, you outdid yourself with this one!


  2. Josie, I agree. Living alone and isolated can make for loneliness. Our pets are family, especially in situations like this one. Thank you for your comments, kindness and Two Shoes Tuesday.


  3. Generosity is the key, and this woman has a generous heart. She will be rewarded with lots of love, but that's not why she did it.

    Funny, you commented on my new poem about our new cat, and you wrote exactly reveal what I failed to mention: Diva has made our house a home in a new way. As much as Lex and I love each other, that third little soul adds so much.

    This is a lovely story, McGuffy, thank you. Amy


  4. I enjoyed your story very much. So like James and Bob. You didn't note whether or not you want to be entered in the giveaway for, “A Street Cat Named Bob.” Please let me know. The house in the photo reminds me of the one in Northern VA where my grandfather was born. Originally, it was on 400+ acres of farmland. Good job, Janet


  5. I enjoyed this story very much. It was well written, and it has something to say. Unfortunately, when I go out, reading blog posts, I’m not usually in the mood for fiction. So today, I consider myself lucky that I was in the right mood for this story when I came upon it. The story is about a woman and a dog, but to me it seems that it could be about any two living things… and especially about two human beings. Sometimes we put a lot of emphasis on what we want to find in a partner or a friend. But if we were to approach a potential friend the way this woman approached the dog, more of us would find happiness in this life. Thank you Ann for a beautiful story.


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