Happy, Happy, Happy

My Life and Legacy as the Duck Commander

By Phil Robertson, with Mark Schlabach

This is the story of the patriarch of the popular TV show Duck Dynasty. I admit that I am amused by this family, and wanted to know more about the reality of them.

The family is indeed quite close, but it wasn’t always that way. Born and raised into a large family in Louisiana, hunting was a way of life. Phil grew up hunting, and loved the land, as well.
It may surprise some, but Phil went on to college, playing football with Terry Bradshaw at Louisiana Tech. He also received a degree in physical education, including a master’s degree in education. Phil went on to teach.

As a sideline, unhappy with marketed duck calls, he began to make his own. Phil wanted a realistic duck call. It was 1972 when he came out with the first “Duck Commander”.

The family was another situation. Phil and childhood sweetheart, Kay, married. However, they struggled through Phil’s “wild years”. He even left her and his boys for a while. Eventually, they reconciled, and Phil knew he had to turn his life around.

Phil and Kay went on to raise their four boys, while Phil grew the family business as the “Duck Commander”. He also began to do public speaking and preaching the Gospel, which he still does today. Coming back to his roots of faith, family, and ducks Phil Robertson is “Happy, Happy, Happy”.

The book will entertain you, surprise you and perhaps even inspire you. It did me. I respect faith, family, and traditions and those who abide by these. 

13 thoughts on “Happy, Happy, Happy

  1. I will have to check this out. I knew about his degrees in physical education and education, but didn't know he played football. It's always interesting to see how other people's lives have unfolded…


  2. I've only caught a couple of these episodes on TV and was surprised that everyone was talking about it, but I'm beginning to learn there is more substance than I first thought. You've convinced me to give it another look. I like old-fashioned family values too, they never really go out of style, it just takes a lot of people longer to find their way home now days!


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