Tempestuous turmoil,
wind whirls the sky
into a mosaic of sensation.
Water churning, pushing light
back into darkness,
clouds collide with stars,
extinguishing their light.
No place for the sun to rise,
the moon retreats in obscurity.
Daybreak, broken morning,
heaven fills with chaos,
as tranquility waits
on the horizon.

Poem & Photo by: McGuffy Ann Morris

39 thoughts on “Tempest

  1. I loved this because the way you wrote it, felt just like the unpredictable weather, Ann. We've had so much of that type of weather this summer that the tempest is becoming the norm.


  2. Indeed you have created the feeling of a dark and brooding storm, both with your words and the illustration, and the format of the lines as well. I really felt the intensity of this poem, Annie, life holds so many dark moments and stormy nights, yet there is always peace to be found again on the horizon. Thank you so much for this beautifully done contribution to TST! Watch for a new creative writing blog hop coming on Thursday! 🙂


  3. Darkness and chaos can only stay until the light returns after the storm. More to this poem than first reading reveals. I like the shape the lines make. I see it as a lantern.


  4. Although your words are about a storm I find them very calming to read. They paint a pretty picture in my head. Does this make sense? I loved this poem for the feeling it gave me when I read it 🙂


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