“Joseph’s Journey”

Joseph came to America as a young man, where he followed the family trade as a cabinetmaker. He had worked hard all of his life and was proud of his life’s work.
Retired for many years, Joseph now finished a special piece. This was the first piece he ever kept for himself.
Putting away his tools, Joseph was pleased with the results of his craftsmanship. The pine coffer was finished just in time; he was ready for his final journey. 
Story by: McGuffy Ann Morris
Picture: Photobucket

20 thoughts on ““Joseph’s Journey”

  1. I loved this story, Annie! I thought it was a beautiful piece. I think it would be wonderful if we all got to create the box or place that will hold our final remains! To me this had a peaceful feel about it, the perfect ending to his life of doing what he most loved. Thanks you kindly for joining me at Six Sentence Stories, hopefully we can lure in some new folks to give this short format a try, I think it's much simpler than crafting longer tales! 🙂


  2. I guess when you are a craftsman like Joseph it would be fitting thing to do…make your own coffin. I wonder what his thoughts were as he worked on the coffin….maybe he relived his life or maybe he didn't,who knows….


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