35 thoughts on “The Kitten Crab Walk

  1. OMC, s/he is adorable! So cute and that put a smile on my face this early Monday AM, as I try to motivate myself to work through the paper on my office desk. LOL.

    Have a terrific week!


  2. THAT IS SO PRECIOUS I can't hardly STAND it. I watched it over and over. NOTHING cuter than a kitty doing the sideways hop! My Katie did that when I first got her. She did it a decent number of times and I thought perhaps she was younger than the Vet said. But he was adamant about 3 years when I asked. She over 4 now.
    It made me smile knowing your husband came through this way. As soon as you said that I recalled that he has a hard hard taxing wearing job. xoxox


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