I cried the river that flowed
beneath the bridge.
How can we ever find our way,
when you have burned the bridge?
You did not even care enough
to leave me my dignity to hold onto.
I weather the storm alone.
Thunder rumbles, still echoing betrayal.
There is no rainbow after this storm.
There is no dawn beyond this darkness.
Will we meet on the far side of tomorrow, 
or will you remain forever lost?

Poem & Picture: McGuffy Ann Morris

Linked to: Two Shoes Tuesday 

36 thoughts on “Adrift

  1. OH Annie, this poem is so beautifully done, yet paints a picture of such pain. Sometimes what is lost to us cannot be easily found, and maybe not at all, and that is tragic. People burning bridges should use care, and understand that the damage they cause might be irreparable. My heart hurts for to one who tells this tale, and I continue to pray that maybe… someday, some tiny ray of hope will break through. Nothing is final until God says “time up”. HUGS and thank you so much for sharing this moving tale of something lost for Two Shoes Tuesday, it fits the prompt so very well.


  2. Hi Mrs. Mac. Nicely written. ~~ I meet on my tomorrows once in a while although we are over 700 miles away (still both in Texas, it is large enough for both of us).

    We are both happy now without being together although had things been different we for sure would have been crossing the bridge together.


  3. I read this the other day when you posted it and came back today because it left me a little speechless…it was really moving and Im afraid I still don't have a comment worthy of it…


  4. So intense and moving … it stirs some memories and puts words to them that weren't there at the time. Sometimes pain is hard to speak … you do it well.

    Andrea @ From The Sol


  5. This is very sad, Annie, and one that I understand. Thankfully, though we may hurt like mad here on earth and feel no hope, Jesus is our Hope for a better tomorrow. That tomorrow probably won't happen here, but some day, our hearts won't hurt and no one will be able to hurt us again. Remember, there are no tears in Heaven. He makes everything better.

    We just have to find a way to deal with what we have to face here and that is not easy, no matter how much joy Heaven holds for us some day.


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