“The Dream”

Sore and tired, he slowly lowers his old bones down to his bed. His routine walk seems to be more difficult every day.

While life goes on around him, he sleeps away many hours, both day and night. Now he yawns and stretches, then lays his grizzled head down.

As he drifts off into peaceful rest, his feet begin to move, slowly and then faster. Once again, he is just a pup running through the grass.

~In Memory of Grits~
Story: McGuffy Ann Morris
Picture: Photobucket

Word Prompt: Dream

27 thoughts on ““The Dream”

  1. Oh Annie, this is beautiful!! We all dream of being young again, and I'm sure our beloved furkids do too – I've watched the same thing with both Stormy and now Sophie, feet that move slowly when awake, running softly in the tall grass in their dreams. This is a wonderful tribute to Grits and the years you shared, and a perfect story for 6SS. Thank you!


  2. Thanks, Josie. Grits did this quite a bit as he aged. I wrote a haiku about it then; it is a favourite of ours. When I saw this prompt I immediately thought of it, even though Grits has been gone many years now. He is missed even now.


  3. In my initial thoughts, I visualized an old man slowly lowering himself in his bed till I read “he sleeps away many hours, both day and night” then I quickly realized you were writing about an old dog.

    Very nicely written.



  4. It is never easy, Sandee. But we are left with no choice when they are old and tired. They deserve peace. But we also know they are there, beyond the Bridge, waiting with the others. Hugs.


  5. It is so hard to watch our beloved animal friends age and then pass beyond the rainbow bridge. This brought some tears to my eyes. My three dogs are not there yet and will (hopefully) have many more years….but it all is so sadly inevitable. I will give them extra hugs today.


  6. This is so real … we all have to retreat into our dreams when everything else is hurting even the loving pets. You have, once again, captured the moment … awesome!

    Andrea @ From The Sol


  7. Life sure slows down as people and animals age. I guess it's a gradual process for some. I think I feel it already! A kind of a easy to comeby tiredness that I never felt when I was younger,perhaps I just need to get fitter! It is a sad thing when we see it happening,that's the time when we have to look after our special friends more than ever x


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