Tribute to Wallace

Another wonderful beloved furry friend has crossed The Rainbow Bridge. Wallace the Pit Bull crossed over on Friday, August 23rd. I reviewed the book, Wallace , almost a year ago. He was an amazing dog. A survivor of a Pit Bull puppy mill, he became a champion of Pit Bulls, shelter dogs, and the of sport “competitive frisbee” before retiring. In recent days, Wallace bravely fought two aggressive forms of cancer. 

The following is a final message from Wallace: 
It’s time…I’ve given my life everything I have. I’m continuing to be strong because that’s who I am, but Roo and Clara can tell that it’s now time for me to rest. This time will come for all of us. We don’t always have control over when it does, but we do have control over being satisfied at that moment knowing we gave it our best shot. Though my body will soon be gone, my hope is that you will continue to tell my story, so Wallace the Pit Bull lives on. Roo and Clara will have more to say after I pass, and my hope is that people will listen to the lessons we all learned through our time together. I would like to thank everybody for their overwhelming support. Without all of you, I would not have been able to make the same impact; then, now, and in the future. I thank you for that, but more importantly, other dogs like me thank you as well. Remember, there are great dogs of all shapes and sizes in shelters across the country. They are there through no fault of their own. So please, when you’re looking for your next dog, think about giving one of them a second chance. You just never know how it will turn out. With that, I say good-bye. Try not to be sad. Instead celebrate my life. I do not need to live longer because I can die contentedly. That is something I wish for all living beings. 
~Wallace the Pit Bull

You were an inspiration and will be remembered, Wallace. Godspeed.

16 thoughts on “Tribute to Wallace

  1. McGuffy, so glad you know about the Rainbow Bridge, too. I have given that piece to many grieving cat and dog mommies and daddies, and it has brought them comfort.

    We have always adopted shelter cats, and it's true: You do know when it's time for your pet to rest. I would rather guide them there, in my own arms, than watch them suffer.

    Our current newbie, Diva, is 11 years old, recently orphaned by her 80-year-old dad, who left home in an ambulance and never came back… We know she's still in mourning and loves the comfort we give her, the option to either sit and brood or come out and play.

    That Wallace was one amazing little guy. I've known many pit bulls, and they have all been the opposite of the stereotype; they have been loving, cuddly lap dogs who love sports and walks. It's all in the training, isn't it?

    Thanks so much for this lovely farewell. Rest in peace, Wallace. Amy


  2. Such a beautifully written tribute to an amazing dog… and to the family that have shared him and his story with the world! It goes to show what can be done to improve things in life if only someone cares enough to try! Farewell Wallace, you have been a star here on earth, and now you will shine as one in Heaven!


  3. I didn't know Wallace's story. But I'm always touched by these stories. My cat was abandoned near my workplace and I decided to adopt him – it's been 4 years now. And he is a playful, happy and healthy cat and I don't imagine my life without him.


  4. I am sure Wallace was a fabulous ambassador for all animals that need to be advocated for. Thanks for sharing his story and for the touching tribute. Godspeed Wallace, Godspeed.


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