The memory smells sweet like talcum and lotion,
yet sets heavy endless heartbreak in motion.
A baby held forever in angel’s arms,
protected in Heaven, safe from earth’s harms.
The empty, still cradle is left in our heart,
all hopes and dreams to prevail, torn apart.
Love and loss do not end in a grave;
they forever remain, our hearts to enslave.

Poem: McGuffy Ann Morris
Picture: Photobucket

24 thoughts on “Sudden

  1. 🙂 This is sooo sweet, Mrs. Mack. ~~ Actually like sweet and sour, though we morn the loss and take it very hard yet the better news is that God wants that baby with Him, now and forever.

    Please note that I'm on my other blog today. We are still in London and my blogging time is limited. Not long now though, and home!!!


  2. SO sad and sweet. The photo reminds me of a cradle my uncle built for my parents first baby…We used it as a bookcase for many years after she was grown…I still have it and my sister who used it is now 65.


  3. This is a deeply moving poem that speaks for the aching hearts of every parent whoever longed to rock the child that they never got to watch laugh and grow, the children that we never speak of, that wait for us just on the other side. Thank you for a powerful and beautiful poem for Two Shoes Tuesday.


  4. The worst loss imaginable is the loss of a child. I feel such sadness for those who have endured it. Every day I pray I never become one who does. I wouldn't wish that sorrow on anyone.


  5. Ann you have written something so sad but at the same time it's beautiful,I'm not quite sure how you have managed that! Maybe the subject is terribly sad but the words are out together beautifully.


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