She listened to the thunder rolling in, feeling the subtle power as it closed in on her. Her loneliness seemed to grow with the strength of the storm.

Whispers of rain began to fall between the violent flashes of lightning. The lights around her flickered, before eventually staying out. 

Somehow, as total darkness enveloped her, she no longer felt alone.

Story & Picture: McGuffy Ann Morris

Word Prompt: Thunder 

44 thoughts on ““Thunder”

  1. I think I know just how she felt. I love a storm like that. We are cloudy with intermittent storms where I am today and I find myself wishing for a big powerful thunder that will knock the lights out. But only for a little while, certainly not long enough for the ice cream to melt.


  2. Beautifully written.
    I do not like thunder storms like most people, however I like total darkness when I go to bed. and total silence. When the power goes out, all is silent in the house.


  3. I know, to use a common place: I've been there.

    Since I started to walk the world, I learned there are no many places with sure commodities.

    Then, you know the time arrived to only trust your loneliness and darkness.

    Your tale is so well written that it conveys that feeling of weakness we, human beings have, but are reluctant to recognise.

    I enjoyed it no end!

    Thank you!


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