It was the “dog days” of summer, with stifling humidity and no breeze for relief. Laundry still had to be done, though it was a long, tedious chore. She had to unplug the air conditioner to plug in the washer or dryer (using only one at a time).

Just as she plugged in the dryer, there was a loud humming…followed by a ~CRACK~! A power surge had blown the transformer right off of the utility pole across the street. 

Slowly she unplugged the dryer, not that it mattered since the power was now out.

Story & Picture: McGuffy Ann Morris

34 thoughts on “"Power"

  1. I had to smile at her unplugging the dryer, that would be me too! This was a great story, Annie, I think many of us can relate to years of living in places with bad wiring where it was always a balancing act as to what could be plugged in without blowing something else out. I lived one place that the coffeemaker or the toaster could be at work, but not both! It would be very frustrating to try to do laundry this way, especially with no AC. That power surge would have gotten my attention too, I sure don't miss those days!


  2. This is a true story. It happened. It was me, about 25 years ago. It knocked out the entire area. Bill still laughs at me, but it wasn't my fault! It was quite a show, though. Bill saw the transformer blow. Yikes.


  3. We've learned to go dark as we call it and live without power from time to time. If you do then you learn to survive just fine without the power. I'd rather have the power though as it makes things far easier and far more comfortable.

    Have a terrific day. ☺


  4. This is wonderfully written. I seen in the comments that this had happened to you. Wow. I at one time couldn't run the dryer and the microwave without blowing a fuse. My house is old, my grandparents raised me there, and after their passing, I got the house. I've had a lot of electrical work done since 1999 though. It's strange how when the electricity goes out in my community, I find myself out of habit, flipping on light switches, or trying to use something that requires power. I love how descriptive this story is.


  5. We have learned to, as well. Our area is a very old, rural area. It isn't our choice to live with power, though. Air conditioning is a necessity when you have asthma & bad lungs. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.


  6. Thank you, Donetta. I agree, I do the same when the power is out. We get used to things a certain way. Our area is an old rural area, so things were updated when required, only. We have redone things on our house over the years, too. Thanks for the nice comments. I appreciate them.


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