The Storycatcher

By Ann Hite

Ann Hite continues her story of Black Mountain in this companion novel to Ghost on Black Mountain. In this second novel, The Storycatcher, we learn the haunted history of Black Mountain and its people.

Taking place during the Great Depression, young Shelly Parker works for the overbearing and controlling Pastor Dobbins on Black Mountain. Shelly is gifted with the ability to see and hear people who have passed over to the other side. The dead speak to her, giving her warnings to heed. She does not feel comfortable with this gift and tries to ignore the spirits. However, the spirits persist, watching over her and communicating things she needs to know.

When Pastor Dobbins’ daughter, Faith, develops a supernatural bond with a spirit, Shelly cannot deny the spirits any longer. She must face her own fears and listen to them. She realizes that it is the only way that she can help everyone. Together, Faith and Shelly travel to Georgia. From the haunted cemetery on Black Mountain to the saltwater marshes of Georgia, there are horrible secrets beyond what one can imagine. Ultimately, these two young women hold the answers to solving the mysteries that have entangled many lives for several generations. 

Ann Hite has a magical gift. Her Southern Gothic novels hold the reader spellbound. The stories stay with you long after you close the book. This is an amazing author that you should not miss. 

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