Will I See Him Again?

A Look at Pets in Heaven

By Tom Waldron

Most pet owners find comfort in the concept of “The Rainbow Bridge”. When Christian author Tom Waldron lost his cat Butchie, he wanted more. Tom wanted to know if he really would see Butchie in Heaven someday.

Theologians and experts have long debated the topics of animals having souls, and of animals going to Heaven. Tom needed proof, something real to believe in. He wanted answers from God, so Tom turned to his Bible.

Over the following year, Tom researched this question. He believed his Bible held the answers of God’s promises, including those pertaining to animals. He found answers, and shares them in this well written and researched book. Tom takes into consideration human emotion and scriptural answers.

I believe that God is a loving God. I believe He does not waste. I believe He does not create something as full of life, emotion, and spirit as an animal just to let it cease to be. I believe God has a plan for all of his creatures. I learned as a child that the Bible says God sees even the smallest sparrow fall. Then I believe He picks it up, and has a place for it with Him.

This book supports my belief. Tom Waldron addresses these ideas, and more. I recommend this book for those who believe there is more beyond this life for animals. If you believe in The Rainbow Bridge, have you wondered what is beyond it? Perhaps this will give you answers, or at least hope. I believe; I cannot imagine Heaven without animals. 

Will I See Him Again? is available through Amazon. 

Please visit Tom Waldron at: www.mybutchie.com

Tom & Butchie

37 thoughts on “Will I See Him Again?

  1. I totally believe they do. It's logical. They are created with the exact same make-up as we are…i.e. spleens, liver, the way the body operates….with minor little functions that we probably do not know why, but the animal certainly knows what to do with them. God would not have made animals if there was not an orderly purpose. They, and us, are incredible miracles which always seals my testimony of that when I watch an animal give birth. Everything is perfect.


  2. Mommy thought this looked so good that she has already gone to Amazon and ordered the e-book. Thank you so much for the review. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


  3. Excellent post friend. As you know, our anipal group has been hit with a bunch of rainbow crossings. I've always felt it was really true – at least that is what I believe. I'm going to go over and get this book.

    Thanks for sharing this.


  4. Thank you for pointing out this book. We have several cats and dogs, and our furry family is now aging seniors, aged 6-18.
    My daughter, who is a young adult, was devastated by the loss of her little dog unexpectedly, and too young, from cancer last year. Her Princess was just like her own child. She has asked me repeatedly to find “proof” that her dog is in Heaven. I have always reassured her of that, but now I will get this book for me and her to share. Thanks!


  5. For as long as I can remember, I have believed that our beloved fur-babies and feather-babies will be waiting for us. I envision a big wall of fur and feathers thundering toward me when I cross over to the other side.


  6. It sounds like an amazing book. Since i believe G-d is Love, and all love returns to G-d, then i believe animals that love do return to their Creator in some form or fashion, but i'm not certain what. This book may help me develop a better answer.


  7. Mimi, this would no doubt help you gather your thoughts and come to some decisions. It is a wonderful book in that it asks questions we all have asked, and then searches for the answers. I think it may help.


  8. This sounds like a wonderful book, one that would give much insight and comfort to those of us who love our animals as much as we love each other. I agree with You, God must have a special place for these beautiful creatures of his. It just doesn't make sense any other way! Thank you for reviewing a great book on a subject so close to our hearts!


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