Dangled Carat

A Memoir

By Hilary Grossman

Hilary Grossman is the author of the popular blog Feeling Beachie. She is also the CFO of a beverage company in New York. Now she has achieved another success, in writing her memoir, Dangled Carat.

In her heartfelt book, we see the young Hilary going through family situations and teenaged insecurities.  We then see her grow into herself as a strong and successful woman. This brings us to the main story of Hilary’s relationship with Marc, her husband.

Dangled Carat is a contemporary love story of an age-old problem. In her trademark humourous style, Hilary tells the story of Marc’s “commitment phobia”. She reveals how they overcame it together, with a little help from their friends. In fact, it seemed they were destined to be together, judging from the way they met.

Hilary shares the meeting and then the growing pains of their relationship. Marc is thirteen years Hilary’s senior, and quite set in his ways. As they both became comfortable, there seemed no reason to change anything. 

However, after four years, friends of the couple decide it is time for them to make it official. What starts as a joke, perhaps a prank on Marc, becomes serious. Hilary realizes she is ready for the next step in in life. She wants to marry Marc. Marc however, is not going to be forced into anything. Love was not the issue.

What follows is how Hilary turned Marc into a husband. Their story is one that I believe many can relate to, especially in today’s world. Independence and self-reliance are common factors in our modern world, for both men and women. Yet, love can conquer even “commit phobia”, as Hilary and Marc prove.

Dangled Carat is a charming memoir. It is filled with humour and lots of love.

 Hilary Grossman
Dangled Carat is available at Amazon

30 thoughts on “Dangled Carat

  1. I love bios, always have, and this sounds like an awesome read. Relationships are not easy, growing them long and strong takes work. This will definitely be on my reading list, you've convinced me that I will enjoy it very much!


  2. This sounds interesting. I remember friends who were “engaged” for over twelve years. Eventually they did get married, but more to appease friends and family. I think we all get a bit nervous at the idea of “forever”, but it's definitely worth taking the risk. 🙂 Love your reviews.


  3. Julia – I think you are right. when I first started writing the book and telling people about it, so many people shared their stories with me about being in a relationship with someone who just couldn't / didn't want to commit…


  4. Talon – 12 years? WOW! that is crazy! And it is funny that in the end they tied the knot to appease friends…. Forever is a scary thing, but I agree the happiness that is possible as a result is worth the risk!


  5. Sandee – I really think that so many people can relate to commitment-phobia – either having it or knowing someone that has it. When I started this book, every one I told about it had a story to share…


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