Late Summer Song

The Rose of Sharon had bloomed all Summer, attracting numerous hummingbirds. It also attracted many bumble bees who would become so heavy with pollen they could barely fly. However, the end of Summer brought a special surprise.

A pair of Cardinals had been busy at the nearby bird feeders for several days. I watched them chattering to each other and visiting the Rose of Sharon bush. One morning as I filled the bird feeders, I noticed the female was taking bugs into the Rose of Sharon. As she left, I peered into the bush. There sat a perfect little nest, with two little hungry babies waiting.

The parents were very protective and active in caring for the babies. It was only a matter of a couple of weeks that the birds were fledglings, taking flight, and following us around the yard and garage. The parents are still nearby, watching both us and their now independent young ones. Life indeed goes on, just as it is meant to.

20 thoughts on “Late Summer Song

  1. so nice. my kids were just thrilled this summer to have 2 nests of baby birds to watch. I was a bit less than thrilled that they settled in some of my Christmas decorations – ha – but I guess they wanted a “pretty” nest. LOL


  2. Cool birds! I got to see some humming birds this summer too with also some occasional red cardinals. I get to see and feed baby birds that are just a few weeks old, when I volunteer at a local wildlife shelter. I enjoy seeing them, but they are difficult to feed. : )


  3. Being away on vacation last week, I didn't get around to comment, but this post just touched my heart… so precious! Life, from the very smallest to the largest, is so precious in the eyes of our Creator! Beautiful photos, Annie!


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