Take me back to where strong winds blow

while eagles soar high, with nature below.
Take me to the mountain, far up north,
where lakes meet sky, and legends pour forth.
Take me where man and beast live side by side,
where there is no fear, and peace can reside.
I need to know there are bears and deer,
and that they, like I, have a right to be here.
I want to see where wildlife lives,

where nature not only takes, but gives.

I want to be where ancient trees grow,
where the autumn sun makes the mountain glow;
in spring and summer the trees are green,
and winter snow is deep and clean.
I want to be where beauty astounds,
where singing birds are natural sounds,
where lighthouses call the sailors home
from Gichi-Gami’s evening gloam.
I can go back only in memory today,
but my spirit lives there, up on Brockway.

Poem & Image by: McGuffy Ann Morris
Brockway Mountain,
Keweenaw Peninsula, Michigan
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Poetry Pantry #196

49 thoughts on “Brockway

  1. Ms. Mack ~~ It's been a while since I was reminded of Gichi-Gami.
    Your “Take me back” set the mood for being in an enjoyable place.
    You didn't disappoint me even though I am not an outdoor person.


  2. HI, I learned two things today because I had to Google it:
    gloam did not recall ever seeing this word, but it is a beautiful one abouit twilight and Gichi-Gami’s. I had not heard that term either in relation to Lake Superior. I learned stuff today. Thanks. 😉


  3. Oh Annie! Your love of this beautiful place shines with every perfectly chosen word and phrase. Such a peaceful, uplifting feeling! We each have places that are closest to our hearts, where we long to be and feel most connected to our Mother Earth. Now you've made me want to go there with you, to have you show us this beautiful place! This is one of your very nicest poems, I truly love it!


  4. You are right up there with the best of them Annie … I love this poem. It is so you and it means so much to all of us who love nature. I hope this is a place that you will get to return to in your lifetime … it seems to be calling you 🙂



  5. It is wonderful to have memories of places that we can go back to in our mind and heart. Though my state borders Lake Superior, I had not heard of the term “Gichi-Gami,” so I am glad someone explained. Now I will have to check the origin of the term.


  6. i enjoyed reading this poem, the rhymes and pace in it a refreshing change from what i have been mostly reading (and writing).
    i have to google Gichi-Gami, and it certainly is a lovely place. 🙂


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