Their Gift

It was their first wedding anniversary, and they decided to share a special gift. Their love had grown and deepened from friendship to family. They decided that it was now time to expand their family.
Thoroughly discussing it, they researched, explored and tried to learn everything new parents needed to know. Ultimately, they made an appointment with the proper professionals. At that meeting, they adopted the dog who was just right for their family.

Story & Photo: McGuffy Ann Morris

25 thoughts on “Their Gift

  1. Awww! I didn't know that's how Grits came to be a part of your lives, what a sweet story and what a great way to celebrate an anniversary! How old was Grits in this photo? Papa Bear and I agree that when the right times comes, we want a dog like Stella, we are in love with her face and sweet nature. Thanks for a 6SS that left me smiling this morning!


  2. Grits was the first of many( Not including Velvet, who came as part of a package deal:) … animals have been a great part of your wonderful marriage. Awesome story in six words, Annie …

    Andrea @ From the Sol


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