Happy Birthday, Bill!

Please help me wish Bill a happy birthday! He is away from home, starting a new trucking job. He is my best friend, husband of over 32 years, and the best partner possible, in all things. He is not only a great professional driver/long haul trucker, he is a talented guitarist, gardener, and the best “Dad” in the world! Bill has a wonderful heart and soul. He is our Hero. 
Happy Birthday, Honey! 
Love from all of your girls: Annie/Mom,
Stella, Maggie, Grizelda & Chloe Jo 

19 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Bill!

  1. Happy Birthday Mr. Bill!! I so wish you could be home for your birthday, but I'm glad you got to have some birthday cake before you left. I know from all that Annie tells us that you re a one-in-a-million guy, and I am so delighted that the two of you have each other to share your lives with. Wishing you a safe journey out there on the road and the best years ever yet to come!


  2. Happy Birthday friend. And this one is made even happier by reading what your dear wife of 32 years has written about you. I feel that you surely consider her in the same light as she does you. And all of your girls, fur and otherwise love you. Have the best of years to come.


  3. Happy Birthday Bill, I hope that you know how much you are loved by your sweetheart Ann, at home. She paint a very nice picture of you.
    Safe travel and a safe return home.



  4. That is one handsome picture of Bill … taken by you, I assume, while on the road together. Happy Birthday again Bill … glad all is working out well for both of you and that you will be home more often with this new company. Be well and Be safe Bill …



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