At first it was flattering that Sue was so attached to Tara, mirroring everything she did. Enraptured with the illusion of being like her, Sue continued to copy Tara with increasing fervor. 

Tara began to feel literally consumed, feeling she was disappearing with each bit that Sue took as her own. Ultimately, Tara felt herself being picked apart from within, dying a bit with each piece taken. She felt her soul disappearing through the imperceptible holes that Sue made in her identity.

Story: McGuffy Ann Morris
Image: Google Search

Word Prompt: Enrapture

18 thoughts on ““Enraptured”

  1. Powerful piece! There is truth in this story, when someone lives their life trying to be a copy of someone else, both people are made less by it. So much better to be an original where your own true colors can shine and you don't detract from the colors of the one you admire. Admiration is awesome, emulation not so much. Your story did an excellent job of showing how it feels to have someone do that!


  2. I have had a few folks in my lifetime who copied me in some ways and I found it disconcerting and somehow unsettling. It is always an unpleasant thing and one wishes to not see the “enraptured” person any longer. One must take an unpleasant to the trespasser, stand. Right away.


  3. When my kids were little they always complained when someone copy what they were doing or wearing, and I told them that instead of feeling irritated about it that they should take it as a compliment as they are being admired by the person copying their behaviour… It made all the difference in the world to them. Instead of feeling annoyed at being copied they felt proud that someone would want to imitate them. It's all about perspective and how we look at it.



  4. Ohh….this would be an amazing story! I mean, it's already so amazing, even just this small piece — but it definitely leaves me wanting to know more about these two and this somewhat scary relationship.


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